Aavik R-580 Phono stage


Floating RCA (1 set)

Max input: 5mVrms

Gain 65dB @ 1 kHz

Load-impedance adjustable from 50 ohm to 10k ohm

Frequency responce +/-0.5 dB (20-20 kHz)


1 pair of RCA outputs

Distortion: <0,005% (THD at 1kHz, 0.5mV input)

Output impedance: 120 ohms

●Aavik Noise Reduction

Active Tesla Coils: 108

Active Square Tesla Coils: 248

Dither circuitry: 11

●Power consumption:Standby: <0.5W、perating: <10W

●Dimensions: 102 x 384 x 380mm

●Weight: 7,3 kg