Nash MC/MM Phono Preamplifier

Output Voltage:2.5Vrms (MM, 5mV input, 55dB gain)


phono MC (RCA)

phono MM (RCA)

2 x line-level (RCA)

external power supply (4-pin XLR)

trigger (3.5mm jack)


equalized line-level (RCA)

trigger pass-though (jack 3.5mm)

MM gain:55dB、60dB、65dB

MC pre-pre gain:3dB to 30dB

Total MC gain:58dB to 95dB

MC Input impedance:10 Ohms to 50 kOhms

MM Input impedance:47 kOhms、15 kOhms

MM Input capacitance:


100 pF

220 pF

330 pF

any combination of the above

Signal to noise ratio:

85dBA (MM, 60dB gain)

78dBA (MC, 70dB gain)

Output impedance:5 Ohms

Trigger input voltage:5V to 12V

Supply voltage:

15VDC (stock adaptor input)

+5VDC;+15VDC;-15VDC (external power supply input)

Power Consumption:

4W (operational)

0.23W (standby)

Size:200x200x50mm (wxdxh)